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From experience:

"Is it life threatening?" Prior to learning this question I had no idea how to prioritize the crises that happened in my life.

The day this question became a part of my life a friend of mine, who is a well known therapist, was staying with us while she was conducting a workshop here. This particular morning, a number of crises had occurred and could still be felt crackling in the air when she woke up. As she poured herself a cup of coffee she said, "What's going on?"

I told her. At the time, I was standing in the doorway, ready to rush to work. She stirred her coffee then said, "Oh, Well, it's not life threatening."

I felt my body relax.

She looked at me and said, "Can it be seen clearly from 20,000 feet?"

Even to me, the answer was obvious. I said, "No." I sat down, had a cup of coffee with her, then went to work with an uplifted spirit.

It seemed to me I always selected the slowest moving line at the check-out counter of any store, even if it was the shortest.

Then a friend of mine said she had the same problem. Her solution was to ask herself the question, "Where is it written that I (she would use her name) don't have to stand in line?" She would then take her attention off herself and put it onto what was happening around her so that she could savor the moment instead of fretting it away.

I tried this, and it worked for me. Now there are times when the line I'm in moves faster than I want it to. When that happens (and it has several times), I let others go in front of me so I don't miss the end of the situation I'm watching unfold.

I remember when the Beatles' song "Let It Be" came out. It seemed the silliest song I'd ever heard. Then my life fell apart in 1979, and I finally had to surrender. After that time, "Let It Be" made sense. I could see it meant "hands off," "Let Go and Let God," and as one of the lines of the chorus promises, "there will be an answer," let it be.

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