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From conversations:

Acceptance is the pathway to peace.

When we try to force results by manipulation, we wind up in a quagmire pit.

My life is in session whether or not I attend.

When we can accept even troublesome events as gifts from God, it brings joy to us.

Once I totally accept the situation as it is, it will begin to change seemingly of its own volition.

I'm here because God thought I was a good idea.

There is no emergency. I'm just reporting for duty.

I have many privileges, few rights.

Your opinion of me is none of my business.

"Let go and Let God" means "Shut up and hands off."

Acceptance equals "mind my own business."

It's not how much you have or don't have. It's what you do with what you have.

Learn how "to be" not how "to do." "To do" means to bring to pass, to carry out. "To be" means to have an objective existence; have reality or actuality; live.

I put myself in idle. I don't have to be in action. Put myself in idle and enjoy life. There is a wealth of life happening around me as I relax into it.

Some Indian tribes purposefully weave an imperfection into their rugs to allow the evil spirits to escape. It was suggested they have a finer instinct than we do. They know perfection is reserved for God.

I have serenity when I'm not obsessed with someone else's actions.

Serenity comes the few moments I have self acceptance.

When we are in denial, we have not accepted the things we cannot change.

Acceptance and surrender are attitudes that open doors to living. When I let go of my stubborn self will and admit that I can't control everything and everyone in my life, it gives me time to work on me, the only person I can change.

Acceptance is more than just tolerating people. It's an attitude that allows me to feel good inside. It allows me to give others the freedom to be what they are instead of manipulating them into being what I think they ought to be.

Acceptance means I stop trying to get from people what they can't give me. Then, I am closer to enjoying what they do have to offer.

Acceptance is the ability to be here now, alive to the present moment.

Acceptance does not mean I think the same way as someone else. In fact, I may disagree with their point of view. Yet, I accept we are different people and are free to have differing opinions. Neither is right or wrong. Just different.

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