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From conversations:

If I put myself last, so will everyone else.

Do I check someone else's temperature to know what kind of day I'm having?

No is a complete sentence.

Knowing is identifying. Knowing is not doing unless I take action on what I know. I establish my emotional and physical boundaries with the people in my life, including family, friends and business associates. This responsibility belongs to me, not someone else.

I disliked me so much, I could not see you for who and what you were.

I need to be doing what I need to be doing for me, not what others think I need to be doing.

What happened in my family is not a big deal to anyone else.

One of the boundaries I set was with my past. I was so busy searching out what went wrong, I was not living in the present. And, I was victimizing myself. I became willing to deal with my pain as it came up, instead of dragging it up, or running from it when it did surface.

Stop collecting stamps to redeem at a later date, and start dealing with these "little deals" as they come up.

In family games, the only way to win is not to play.

You can't do anything to me I don't allow you to do.

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