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Thoughts in closing...

From The Neverending Story II: "The emptyness could not be destroyed, it had to be filled."

The last wish Bastian had he wished for the person controlling the emptyness to have a heart. Suddenly, she cried. Then, all was returned..the land, the earth was filled, the Silver City was back.

It was remarkable to watch. It made me aware that the disease we deal with wants the emptyness to thrive. In emptyness we control. We attempt to uncreate. In so doing we become like Fantasia, empty on the inside. No nourishment. Hollow shells.

To remain upright, we must drain other people's energy. We do this by arranging the world around us, making others a reflection of our own emptyness. This disease feeds off its victims relentlessly.

Alcoholism and co-dependency are diseases of emptyness. Perhaps the reason many are attracted and repelled by vampire stories is because they recognize a parallel. This disease creates spiritual and emotional vampires.

The feeding pattern can be seen at social events where there is liquor as well as those where there is not. Unfortunately, it can also be seen in recovery.

As the old miner said, "It wasn't the miles I traveled or the load I carried that did me in. It was the hold I had on it." The secret is wear life like a loose garment.

When we are filled, our energy is expanding not contracting. When we are empty, we feed. A person who is feeding can be identified by his/her actions just as someone who is full can be recognized.

Keith Miller says control is the sin underlying all sins.

Is the foundation for control emptyness?

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